About Us

BriteOak is a strategic consulting firm that assists our clients in their understanding of key market forces, channel frameworks, and effective digital targeting through the creation of highly targeted buyer personas.  Our goal is to improve your market awareness and approach to help elevate purposeful business positioning and strategic growth.

Meet Our Team

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Mark Winters

Managing Partner

Mark is an experienced entrepreneur in a variety of business segments, including healthcare, manufacturing, technology and retail.  With significant experience leading privately owned businesses, startups and spin-offs his passion for business development has been a key driver in several successful business exits.  Mark's alter-ego leads an original rock band that performs in the great state of Texas

Christopher Winters

Digital Targeting Expert

Christopher is generally awesome and will soon take over the world.  In the mean time, he is available to help you effectively digitally target your customers.  In his spare time he enjoys airsoft, music and chasing perfume.